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The standard attire for Lem -- Get it? Any puff pastry, too.

Just thought I'd share the love with you guys Our ratings are based on child development best practices. What if the monster movies of the 50s were reversed, and we were the monsters from whom the aliens flee in panic?

As far as biblical content goes, there really was none other than the idea of not discriminating those people who are different, but the movie is not a Christian film, it is a movie about aliens. Sexy girl stiptease. Movies I've Seen in Theaters. The only time things seemed slightly off is when Chuck - the human - would speak. Planet 51 naked. An alien general and soldiers try to take down the American astronaut with military weapons and guns. The Suck my Taint girl from the Drawn Together movie?

Sprinkled in with all the silliness, the kind that would be quasi-entertaining to anyone younger than, say, 10, there are few valuable insights, too. I thought the movie was funny and it did have a good story line that ended with lives and views about discrimination that were changed through the lessons learned. Set in a decidedly s-esque world populated with little green people with four-fingered hands, webbed feet and no noses, those living on Planet 51 often believe whatever they see at the local cineplex, namely that humans are always looking for a few good alien minds to control.

It's the only xeno I could handle in real life Mild See list of Relevant Issues—questions-and-answers. Great tiny tits. There's also an iPod-looking device and many obvious references to other movies. Newtella Member 0 Posted May 4: Add your rating See all 21 parent reviews. Race to Witch Mountain. The Extra-Terrestrial is accidentally left behind after a visit to Earth, he meets with a similar welcome to what Chuck experiences on Planet Actually I'm kinda flattered. Because these bits are so brief, it would have been nice to have the option to watch them within the finished film.

Well, on Planet 51that is exactly what happens! Underwhelming alien comedy has some suggestive humor. You, me and belladonna are the only females here I think. When NASA astronaut Chuck Baker Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson lands on the planet, he's astounded to realize that there's already life on Planet 51 -- and that all the "aliens" speak and understand English and enjoy the diners, muscle cars, drive-ins, and B-movies reminiscent of the '50s.

To what kind of movies is Planet 51 an homage? I've never gone parking before. I suppose next you'll say aliens don't exist! This movie had so much potential to be a fantastic cartoon and they ruined it with this filth.

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He had no idea how to achieve it.

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Two men have their brains surgically removed and another man is threatened with the same fate. Girl big orgasm. Learn how we rate. You came to my planet. If you do, Captain Kisno has orders to shoot me. The quality of the animation was pretty good, and I think this movie could have had a lot more potential, if they had a better script, fired the junior-high comedy crew and hired one that had actually watched and studied the complex and more mature type of comedy Pixar normally incorporates into their movies and spent more time better developing the characters.

In fact, it's sort of fun waiting to see what they'll spoof next. They fell asleep to the ending credits of the movie. Parents need to know that this animated alien comedy earns its PG rating with a fair bit of sexualized humor -- including jokes about anal probing and penises which may go over younger kids' head though middle schoolers won't be duped -- in fact, they'll probably find it hilarious.

The script lacks wit, and the in-joke references to cinematic sci-fi classics will soar over little kids' heads without pleasing many adults.

Planet 51 should've been called Planet 0! Mustering up as much willpower as possible, Vera pulled herself away from the warm body next to her and slid off the bed. No offence to ET, but he's a total turn off.

Revolving around familiar, well-covered territory like friendship, not judging people too quickly or harshly and the importance of figuring out why we believe something, rather than simply accepting a truth we really haven't researched ourselves, Planet 51 is definitely deeper than some kiddie fare goes, but isn't exactly revelatory.

JohnKristofer Dec 21, Movie references abound, but there's not enough humor to fuel even 90 minutes. The standard attire for Lem -- Get it? Aliens" Offers Plenty of Laughs. Going back to school on Saturday. Hot celebrity milfs. Planet 51 naked. Chuck wasn't terribly surprised to find that the men on this planet were similarly endowed to human males, they just took a little more convincing to come out of hiding. What if the monster movies of the 50s were reversed, and we were the monsters from whom the aliens flee in panic?

I don't want to look like a complete slob. This movie had so much potential to be a fantastic cartoon and they ruined it with this filth. Lem nodded vigorously, slowly moving his hands to snake up the underside of Chuck's T-shirt. Produced by Ilion Animation Studios in Madrid, Spain, the film incorporates some European-style humor into the storyline and offers a pacing that is frequently different from the usual North American animation. Normally there would be nothing wrong with this but when the human tries to teach him how to kiss the girl he likes, he leans in and tries to kiss the male alien!

The Extra-Terrestrial," in which the "alien" is a human astronaut Dwayne Johnson who gets stuck on a planet of little green men and has to enlist the help of a plucky youngster, Lem Justin Longto get home.

The movie can certainly entertain at times, but it frankly needed a rewrite—not so much in terms of plot, but in the substance of the script.

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